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A.H. Harris Helps Keep American Tire's Recent Project Moving Along

Along with a number of industry partners, A.H. Harris provided materials and expertise for the newly constructed offices and warehouse space for American Tire.

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Tilt-Up Goes to School!

Utilizing tilt-up construction for educational facilities just makes sense. The facilities have a much lower life cycle cost because they take advantage of the durability and longevity of concrete.  In addition, there are no design limitations, anything you can form, you can pour. This flexibility allows designers to put the mark of the community on the facility.  Concrete provides a safe secure environment for our children during the school day and can be utilized as emergency shelters in times of natural disaster or crisis.  The mass effect of the concrete allows the facility to economically maintain a steady temperature for human comfort that provides for maximum learning and greatly reduces the possibility of mold/mildew.  Tilt-up is the fastest form of construction from conception to completion which prevents long term disruption on the campus. York Preparatory Academy in Rock Hill, SC uses Tilt-Up to build new school

72nd Street Tunnel

Welded rebar mats fabricated by HarMac Rebar & Steel in Fryeburg, ME are being utilized by SSK Joint Venture in the 72nd Street Tunnel and Cavern below New York City.  The 72nd Street Tunnel is just one piece of the MTA project to extend  New York City’s subway system.  The mega-project, started in 2007, is slated to be completed in 2016.  This is when New York will run a brand new subway line through the tunnel from the Financial District all the way up to 125th Street along the East side. Read more

HarMac Rebar and Steel Corporation featured as Maine Wind Company for May 2012

For over 30 years HarMac Rebar and Steel Corporation has been providing service and product to the Northeast and is a major supplier of foundation reinforcement and steel products to the wind industry.

To learn more about Maine Wind Initiative, visit http://www.mainewindindustry.com/

A.H. Harris supplies materials for Groton Wind Farm

Once fully operational, New Hampshire's new Groton Wind Farm is expected to produce enough electricity to power nearly 58,000 nearby homes during peak output.

Learn more by downloading the Groton Wind Farm fact sheet.

A.H. Harris supplies materials and services for two projects featured in ENR "New York's Top Design Firms"

HarMac Rebar and Steel, a division of A.H. Harris, supplied the complex welded rebar cages for the No. 7 subway line project in NYC

Harris supplied extensive forming and shoring equipment for the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant project in Brooklyn, NY

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Dan Clark Featured in New England Condominium "Concrete Concerns" Article

Dan Clark, A.H. Harris Account Manager and President of the New England Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is featured in the current "Concrete Concerns" article in New England Condominium. Read the article.

Harris 1500™ System Tested to Withstand 2,500 PSF!

A.H. Harris recently completed extensive laboratory testing of its Harris 1500™ System at the world renowned testing facility in Bethlehem, PA. The Harris 1500™ System was tested to 2,500 PSF without any permanent deformation of the system. 

The placement pressure test (photo 1.1) was conducted on a 5 million pound Baldwin-Lima Hamilton universal testing machine. A pressure bladder was used to apply pressure loading to the form panel surfaces, simulating in-situ pressure applied by fluid concrete during placement. The machine cross-head was lowered to approximately 6 inches from the form panel. Then a pressure bladder was inserted between the form surface and the machine cross head and slowly inflated to apply pressure to the assembly. 

Load cells (photo 1.2) and displacement sensors were installed to measure the response of the panel assemblies during testing. All sensors were connected to a Campbell Scientific CR5000 digital data acquisition system.  The CR5000 employs 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion. Data were recorded at a constant rate of 1 sample per second for the duration of each test. The tests were conducted numerous times with an ultimate pressure of 3,000 PSF.

The Harris 1500™ System is manufactured in the United States of America with skilled craftsmen and state of the art robotics. The system is laboratory tested and supports 1500 PSF. It is the best clamp system available in the United States, made with pride, Harris Pride!