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A.H. Harris Introduces the Harris 1500 System

Bringing the best products to our customers

While other companies are downsizing with a focus on cutting costs and all too often customer service levels, A.H. Harris remains focused on the customer.  We continue to research and develop new products that meet the ever-increasing demands of the jobsite while providing support over the phone and in the field.

Today, we are proud to announce the addition of a new light clamp system to our Formwork fleet. This new product, Harris 1500, represents the beginning of a new era for our company. 

As many of you know, A.H. Harris has always served the formwork and shoring market, but in recent years, our clamp system offering fell short of what was being offered by our European competitors. 

With Harris 1500, that’s about to change:

Harris 1500 Features

Our lightweight system is made in America and is in imperial dimensions (feet and inches).  It is extremely strong (1,500 psf) and yet can be handset in a short period of time.  The panel design has no top or bottom, so it can be installed in either direction, and requires only one hammer strike to properly align the panel joint.  It is based on a sturdy galvanized steel frame that is reinforced with cast corner blocks.  The panels come in five different heights and are outfitted with climbing rods to ensure jobsite personnel safety.  The face sheet is nine-ply premium birch panels for an extremely smooth concrete finish.

The introduction of this new system marks the culmination of two years of exhaustive work to create the very best wall forming platform in the market.  We’ve talked with our customers to find out what they value and we’ve looked at competitive products to see where they fall short.  We have left no stone un-turned to develop a product that is truly best in class, but don’t take my word for it… Call or email us and let us show you what this product can do.  We believe it is superior to what is currently offered in the market and will meet or exceed the capabilities of any competitive system.

A.H. Harris has been around since 1916 and that kind of longevity does not exist without the ability to adapt to constantly changing customer needs.  We are committed now more than ever to servicing the wall forming market with not only a superior forming system but the support of a dedicated team of highly trained individuals with formwork & shoring expertise, not to mention the backing of over 400 associates, 20,000+ products, and more than 40 locations spanning from Bangor, Maine, to Charlotte, North Carolina.